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Annual General Meeting

April 19, 2023

Annual General Meeting of the Elphinstone Community Association.

Election of Directors for 2023-24
"State of the Nation" update from Area E Director Donna McMahon
Reports from your Directors and Standing Committees
Guest Speakers:

We are looking forward to hearing from Executive Director Tess Huntly and Board member Jackie Scott from Sunshine Coast Hospice Society, who will talk about the vital work of Hospice. Have you heard about the Green Sleeve? Are you aware of the many support programs Sunshine Coast Hospice provides in our community?

Green Sleeve

The Green Sleeve is a place to store your emergency health documents in case of future medical emergency.

In their presentation, Tess and Jackie will introduce you to the Green Sleeve and to the key elements of an advance care plan:

What is in the Green Sleeve, and how does it work?

How will your personal beliefs, values and life choices impact your future care?

How will your medical conditions impact your future health and quality of life?

Who will make decisions for you if, at some point, you are unable to make choices for yourself?

How can you ensure your wishes for future care are honoured?

The Green Sleeve Initiative was developed by Sunshine Coast Hospice in collaboration with local physicians, home care nurses and first responders to encourage Sunshine Coast residents to develop advance care plans for future health and personal care decisions. The Sunshine Coast Green Sleeve Advance Care Plan program is now a core program of Sunshine Coast Hospice.

In addition to managing the Green Sleeve program and offering group workshops and public education about advance care planning, Sunshine Coast Hospice also offers one on one support with specialist volunteers who can help people develop an advance care plan.

Other Programs

The presenters will outline the many additional support programs offered by Sunshine Coast Hospice and are happy to answer your questions.

Many members indicated that they would prefer in-person meetings so please do join us for what will be a beneficial presentation.

Frank West Hall
1224 Chaster Rd
Gibsons, BC V0N 1V4

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