A man walking a dog on a trail through the forest

Pedestrian and cycling trails that connect neighbourhoods to each other and to commercial areas encourage active transportation and are important to our quality of life. ECA works with local government, property owners and volunteers to secure right of ways and build connecting trails for the public good. 

Update on the Grandview connector trail: There is now a walkable recreational trail in the public ROW between the Clark and Swallow ends of Grandview, with a small stream crossing and some rustic steps in the steepest areas. Please use caution as there are still some rough stretches. To respect private property, please stay on the trail. Volunteers always welcome! If you’d like to receive work party announcements, email

Trail projects we are working on this year: The highest priority is to build a trail through from the north end of Hough Rd (north of Fitchett) to Highway 101. This would provide a low volume road walking/cycling connection of areas west and south of Hough Rd, including the Cedar Grove Elementary school area, with the commercial areas of upper Gibsons. There is an existing old trail that will be rebuilt once the ROW is updated. 

The second priority is to build a trail through the S-Turn ravine between Grandview east of Swallow Rd and Grandview west of Clark. This would connect all areas west of Swallow and South of Grandview with lower Gibsons by trails/low volume roads, albeit with a steep climb up Swallow from the beach. See update above.

Needed: Volunteers who can shovel, chainsaw or wheelbarrow. No experience necessary, but if you have or know of anyone with rustic bridge building skills that would be especially helpful. Please contact us if you can help, or have ideas about other missing trail connections we should be pursuing.