Chaster Creek Watershed and BCTS Logging

ECA LogoOn March 11, BC Timber Sales released a 198 page Draft Elphinstone South Watershed Assessment report, indicating renewed interest in logging our watershed. Members of ECA’s Forestry/Watershed Committee and other concerned community members met with BCTS on March 22 regarding the assessment. Remarks by ECA President Rod Moorcroft: 

If you saw the Coast Reporter article (“Changes recommended for Mt. Elphinstone watershed logging”) you did not get the whole story. We had a little over a week to try and read through this report then meet with BCTS.  The hydrologist gave a very good overview – now to digest all of it.

It was a good report that if they had submitted it 20 years ago we might have said OK, sounds reasonable. But not now, climate change changes everything. This is the recharge area for the Town of Gibsons and several SCRD wells. Chaster Creek has seen unprecedented damage in the form of slides, Chaster House is in peril, fish habitat is being compromised as well as private property damage.  We believe it is not in our best interest to allow logging on the south face of Elphinstone.

Elphinstone South Watershed Assessment documents (pdf):

Map Overview
Volume 1
Volume 2

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