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Reed Road Forest

ECA recognizes that potential logging of the south slope of Mt. Elphinstone would have significant impacts on the lands and homes in Area E. There has already been substantial flood damage downslope from previous logging activity. Residents currently have no recourse in the event of damage to private property and public infrastructure, such as our roads and water supply, caused by clearcut logging. In addition to loss of the aesthetic, ecological and recreational value of the natural forest above us, we must bear the cost of this damage.

We therefore work in cooperation, where we find common ground, with other independent community groups and conservation organizations, including the Reed Road Forest Working Group (formed by community members in 2013 to oppose BC Timber Sales plans to auction cutblock DL 1313), the Sunshine Coast Conservation AssociationElphinstone Logging Focus, and local municipalities. ECA is a signatory to these letters calling for a moratorium on all plans for logging the area upslope from our communities until an acceptable plan for protecting our aquifer watersheds is in place: 

April 2023 letter to BCTS Re: Mt. Elphinstone South Watershed Assessment

July 2023 letters and comments to BCTS and Premier Eby

We would love to be able to expand our capacity for education and advocacy, but more volunteers are needed to maintain a strong standing committee with the ability to respond to increasing efforts to open additional Mt. Elphinstone areas to logging activity. If you have a particular talent or expertise, or interest and a willingness to learn, we would welcome your participation. Please get in touch with president Rod Moorcroft at

Plans to auction the Reed Road Forest are currently deferred but not withdrawn, and other identified blocks within the BCTS area of operation remain unprotected.

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Reporting by Area E Director Donna McMahon

BCTS Elphinstone South Watershed Assessment (March 2023):

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